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This is an attempt to collect all the EA-related material on the web. No quality control; basically anything that even mentions effective altruism goes here or one of the sub-pages. Giles Edkins initiated this list and anyone is encouraged to help maintain it.

Particular thanks go to the individuals who created and compiled the resources below, and to Aaron Gertler for providing a substantial starting list of links.

Introduction to Effective Altruism

This section is for "EA 101" material to inspire others to join and provide beginners a place to start exploring this movement.

EA General Reading Lists

  • The Effective Altruism Handbook - The “Effective Altruist Handbook”, a collection of material that is as long as a short book. Covers all major points of EA in reasonable depth and includes some of the material from the Ben Kuhn link (plus much more material)
  • Ben Kuhn's Reading List - Probably the best-curated set of intro links out there, with nice long descriptions of the good essays.

Articles and other media

  • The Greatest Good - Article by an Atlantic editor who found EA in a very organic way and wound up donating for heartfelt personal reasons. Everyone I know who’s read it has loved it, EA or otherwise. Share with people who like emotions and/or journalism.

EA community and allies

These links do not go directly to the organizations' websites, but rather to a wiki page listing their content.



Personal websites

Social media



Cause areas

This section is for collecting any resources that specifically address cause areas EAs tend to congregate around the most, in particular highlighting general introductions to each cause area and ongoing areas of debate within each.


  • The Kojo Story - Interactive online “story” about a child who dies from malaria. Takes you through his life and tries to make the impact personal. Could be a very good way to explain EA (or at least one small aspect of it) to someone who doesn’t get very emotionally-invested in numbers.

Cause Prioritization

Examples of ineffective altruism

  • Stop Trying to Save the World - Fantastic introduction to lots of failed interventions (and asks good questions even about some rather good interventions)

List of fundraising organizations

Animal Welfare

Farmed animals

Wild animals


Artificial Intelligence

Non-AI existential risks

Politics and policies

Policy change organizations


  • LessWrong's sequences - A list of sequences of blog posts on topics of rationality written by Eliezer Yudkowsky on the forum LessWRong.


  • Why We Need More Meta - An article by Ben Todd on reasons why the EA movement should allocate more resources to "meta" activities.

Organizations focused on funding

Resources on running an EA organization

Volunteer Coordination
Community building

Other cause areas


This section is for compiling resources helping EAs decide upon career paths to pursue and how best to pursue them. This is not meant to duplicate the existing efforts of organizations like 80,000 Hours to provide such services, but will attempt to point to relevant 80k articles where they exist and other relevant articles from the wider EA media space.

Skill building and self improvement

Earning to give

Computer science / programming



Direct work


List of research organizations

Criticisms and reactions to EA

This section will compile existing critiques of Effective Altruism as a movement.

Reactions to EA

Insider critiques of EA

By self identified EAs.

Outsider critiques of EA

By non-self identified EAs.

Other resources


EA hub lists

These are copies of the lists at Effective Altruism Hub , created to open those lists up. The EA Hub list will draw on these wiki versions, but be more selective.

By topic