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List of groups

Broad groups

The main ‘Effective Altruists’ Facebook group

Very active, with frequent posts and well over 5,000 members. For the full article on this, see Effective Altruists Facebook group .


See also: moderation policy and moderation record .

The Effective Altruism Forum


To use the analogy of LessWrong, LessWrong Main to the Facebook group’s LessWrong Discussion.

The broad EA subreddit

Minimal commenting activity, but many links. Covers all EA, despite the name.


Groups by topic

Animal welfare

Reducing wild-animal suffering

Effective Animal Activism - Discussion

The far future (including existential risk)


Reducing Future Suffering

Existential risk Facebook group

Other Causes

Effective Environmentalism

Effective Family Planning Charities

Highly specific purpose-based groups

The purpose of these highly specific groups is to allow discussion not appropriate on the Facebook EA group.

Donation Advice




Coding help


Run by: .impact

EA LinkedIn, for professional networking


EA Entrepreneurship


80k entrepreneurs group


Self help

Focused on depression, etc.

EA self-help-group

Discussing new EA projects


Effective Altruist HabitRPG


Groups for specific sets of people

Effective Altruism Summit Attendees


Local EA chapters



GWWC Pledgers

Giving What We Can Community

GWWC chapter-planning

GWWC Chapters

Effective Altruism Newcomers (dormant)


Libertarian EAs


General groups

General discussion group

Created in May 2014 as an experiment. Not used yet, but feel free to use them for whatever purpose you think valuable. It’d almost always make sense to also put posts sent to these up on the Facebook EA group, but cross-posting to them ensures that most people on their lists will see your post (via email notification).


Private but non-confidential groups

EA Prediction markets


Instructions on how to use groups

Google groups

To alter the nature and frequency of emails you get from a Google group, visit it using the links above, click on ‘My settings’ (the image of a person with a cog at the top right) and select ‘Membership and email settings’

Frequently asked questions

It's worth consulting the FAQ which links to prior discussions of topics. It's best to comment on this old discussion - unlike in some non-EA groups, resurrecting old threads is fine, and preferred to covering the same ground in new ones. This applies especially on the main EA Facebook group, which has high volume. Most other groups have lower volume, so don't be put off posting there by concerns about making the number of new posts too high.

Suggested principles for what to post where

Tom Ash and Peter Hurford came up with the following suggested principles for where to post stuff:

* Effective Altruism Forum -- http://www.effective-altruism.com -- polished posts of good relevance to the EA community

* The EA Facebook group -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/effective.altruists/ -- links and shorter questions or observations, which can get discussed by a broad range of people. If the Forum is analogous to LessWrong Main, the FB group is analogous to LessWrong Discussion.

* The EA wiki -- effective-altruism.wikia.com -- collaborative articles and pieces which are descriptive rather than containing your personal perspective

* .impact wiki -- http://impact.hackpad.com -- Meeting notes and project updates for .impact

* Impact Research -- http://impactresearch.hackpad.com -- unpolished or not very relevant posts