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Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to finding and advocating highly effective opportunities for improving the lives of animals.  ACE researches to find which animal charities operate most effectively, gathers resources to recommend high-impact interventions to charities and activists, and offers top charity recommendations to donors.


ACE was founded in 2012 under the name Effective Animal Activism (EAA). 80,000 Hours member Eitan Fischer founded EAA after realizing that no other animal organization provided evidence-focused advice based on total impact. To fill this gap, he created effectiveanimalactivism.org, a resource for those looking to give effectively.

In April 2013, EAA hired Jon Bockman as Executive Director. Soon thereafter, EAA merged with another US-based nonprofit, Justice For Animals, while maintaining their original intention of providing advice to donors on the most effective animal charities. EAA became an official 501(c)(3) in November 2013.

During the fall of 2013, EAA revised their mission to include 'providing charity recommendations to donors' as well as 'providing advice for activists and charities on how to be most effective.' Shortly thereafter, EAA conducted research on leafleting and humane education, two potentially high-impact interventions to help animals.

Founder Eitan Fischer parted ways with EAA in October 2013, and the Facebook group "Effective Animal Activism – Discussion" that he started became independent and unaffiliated with the organization.

In December 2013 EAA rebranded as Animal Charity Evaluators, and is currently operating out of San Diego, CA as a US-based nonprofit.  It is independent from the Center for Effective Altruism , but is still a member of the effective altruism community.


Top Charities

As of December 2015, ACE recommends The Humane League, Mercy For Animals, and Animal Equality as their top charities.

Standout charities include FARM Animal Rights Movement, HSUS Farm Animal Protection Campaign, Albert Schweitzer Foundation, Animal Ethics, Animals Australia, Faunalytics, New Harvest, The Nonhuman Rights Project, and Vegan Outreach.

Recommendation Process

ACE selects which organizations to recommend by ranking organizations on specified organization evaluation criteria , and offers a transparent view of how they assess this criteria on their site. ACE's process for choosing Top and Standout Charities takes place in three phases: basic consideration, shallow review, and medium reviews. ACE has conducted one deep review so far, and will assess whether the more careful examination improved the recommendations enough to justify the extra time spent.


ACE's research program is intended to consider a wide variety of animal advocacy activities and identify the most promising interventions. Deeper investigation is conducted in the more promising areas, to identify which interventions have the strongest evidence of efficacy. ACE's research efforts are divided into three main areas: investigation to evaluate different interventions, organizational research and evaluation, and foundational research.