Raising for Effective Giving

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Raising for Effective Giving
Causes Metacharity, Promoting Effective Altruism, Global Poverty Reduction, Improving Rationality, Global Catastrophic Risk Reduction, Animal Advocacy
Budget $52,039
Non-Profit, Independent, Metacharity, Advocacy, Outreach, Infrastructure, Fundraising
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
Operates in Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom
Founded 2014
Founder(s) Liv Boeree and Adriano Mannino
Number of employees

Raising for Effective Giving (REG) is the name of both a network of professional poker players who pledge to donate (at least) 2% of their winnings from poker championships to highly effective charities, and the organization that advocates for the network and the causes its supports. Through its outreach at poker tournaments, events, and online, REG emphasizes the connection between empiricism, rationality, and sharp decision-making needed to maximize the chances of optimal outcomes in poker games, and also how the same thinking styles can be applied to philanthropy. REG facilitates pledges from professional poker players on the basis of donating 2% of the cashes from a one-off tournament, or also as a full and permanent member of the REG network. REG's parent organization is the Effective Altruism Foundation.