Comparison of Organizations

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Meta, fundraising and x-risk organizations
Support Income Expend
.impact Vol
Animal Charity Evaluators Don 0.066 0.043
Bronies for Good Vol Album
Center for Applied Rationality Don Workshop 0.84*
[Centre for Effective Altruism] Don Job 0.47
*** 80,000 Hours Don Sup 0.27 0.19
*** Giving What We Can Don Job+Vol Join
*** Global Priorities Project
Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Charity Science Sup
GBS Switzerland (Swiss umbrella group) Don
EA Ventures
Future of Humanity Institute Don 1.1
Future of Life Institute Don+Vol
GiveWell Don 0.88** 2.0
[Global Catastrophic Risk Institute] Don Collab
Leverage Research
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Don Vol Job 1.7 0.7
The Life You Can Save Don
Local groups
(EA on Gratipay) Don 0.012
GiveWell-recommended charities
Support Income Expend
Against Malaria Foundation Don 4.8* 3.9*
GiveDirectly Don 17.4 7.3
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Don 3.6
Deworm the World Initiative Don
ACE-recommended charities
Animal Equality
The Humane League
Mercy for Animals
Can't make your mind up?
Donor-advised funds

Budgets are for 2013. Budgets marked * are for 2014.

    • Excluding grants

Exchange rates for 2013: 1GBP = 1.565USD