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The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) funds the purchase of long-lasting insecticidal anti-malarial nets, works with distribution partners who distribute them, and monitors their usage and impact.[1] GiveWell have detailed summaries of them and of bednet distribution generally. For an accessible summary of both, see Malaria and the Against Malaria Foundation.



AMF receives money through externally-run fundraisers, and from donations from individuals, groups, and organizations. Since AMF has outside support, it is able to direct all of the donations it receives directly towards net distributions.[1]


AMF buys nets and works with distribution partners who organize and fund the distribution of these nets. They aim for 'universal coverage' in their distributions - i.e. they attempt to cover every sleeping space. This is intended to break the transmission of malaria and lead to dramatic reductions in the malaria-carrying mosquito population and in malaria levels.[1]

AMF publishes all of their distribution information.[2]


AMF monitors net usage to ensure nets continue to be used, and it monitors malaria case rate data in order to know the impact of the nets. 

AMF and its distribution partners carry out surveys every six months to assess net use and condition, and they gather monthly malaria case rate data from all health centres in a distribution zone. This information helps show net impact and determine where additional community-led malaria education activities and net hang-up campaigns are appropriate.[1]


AMF places a large emphasis on transparency, publishing information on its website. AMF lists every donation it receives[3] and all information concerning distributions and their impacts[2], and publishes significant detail about how it operates and makes decisions.[4]

GiveWell Rankings

GiveWell is a charity evaluator that assesses charities on their cost-effectiveness, evidence of impact, transparency, and room for more funding.

The Against Malaria Foundation was one of GiveWell's top-rated organizations from 2009 to 2013, and according to GiveWell, has " has received over $10.6 million due to GiveWell's recommendation."[5] In late 2013, we removed AMF from our top-rated list because we felt it had limited room for more funding.[6]


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